Waste Reduction

Awards in Recycling

The Tofu Shop is a leader in recycling and waste reduction. We are 9-time-recipients of California’s annual Waste Reduction Awards (WRAP). Discontinued in 2011, the award recognized us for diverting 99.1% of our waste and putting only one garbage can on the curb each week.

Animal Feed

We give our main byproduct, okara (soybean pulp), to local ranchers as animal feed. This diverts more than 230,000 pounds of waste each year.


We recycle all recyclables and reuse or donate items like wood pallets, packing materials, and buckets to farmers and local nonprofits. All of our products are sold in recyclable containers, and we offer some in bulk with reusable packaging.

Surplus products are donated to the North Coast Resource Center, a local food bank…almost $2,000 worth each year.

WRAP Award
State official presents WRAP award 2002

Our employees are always looking for new ways to reach the goal of zero waste!