How We Make Our Organic Tofu

Discover How We Make Our Artisan Tofu Products

We handcraft our organic tofu traditionally, in small batches, in our certified organic kitchen.

We start with whole, organic, non-GMO soybeans, soaking them in filtered water until they’re soft.

Then we grind them with stainless steel blades into a paste known as “go in Japan. We cook the go traditional-style, in boiling water in an open kettle. Most larger producers have replaced the traditional kettle with the industrial anaerobic chamber.

Organic Soybeans

Organic, non-GMO soybeans

When it’s ready, the soy milk is pressed from the soybean pulp, or okaraOkara is our main byproduct and potential source of waste. Instead of throwing it away, we give over 230,000 pounds of it each year to local farmers for animal feed.

Making organic tofu from soy milk is similar to making cheese from animal milk.

We curdle the soy milk using nigari or gypsum. Nigari is a trace mineral, primarily magnesium chloride, that is refined from natural sea water. Gypsum is a calcium-rich, naturally occurring mineral.

Stirring the kettle

Stirring the Kettle

The curdled soy milk separates into curds and whey.

The whey is strained off, and we ladle the curds into a forming box and press them into shape.

Once set, we cut it into blocks, making the delicious, ultra fresh, artisan tofu you enjoy.

Cutting the tofu

Cutting Tofu into Blocks

Our deli staff work wonders with fresh, organic vegetables and spices to mix, marinate, smoke and bake our delicious ready to eat organic tofu specialty products.

Shirine marinating tofu

Marinating Organic Tofu

Want to try it yourself? You can make soy milk and organic tofu at home with a few simple tools. Check out:

  • The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, edited by Dorothy Bates and Loise Hagler
  • Book of Tofu, by Bill Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi

Unloading the smokehouse

Unloading the Smokehouse