Tips for Restaurants, Delis, and Chefs

Offer the Organic Tofu Alternative:

Tofu is a convenient alternative for customers who are vegetarian, vegan or health conscious (tofu contains protein similar to chicken, yet is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat). We make it easy to offer the organic tofu alternative with Tofu Shop BurgersSausage PattiesSmoked Tofu Sticks, and Spreads. Our entire product line is available with special food service packaging and pricing.

Offer Organic, Locally-Made, and Artisan:

The fastest growing categories sought in the food world are “organic”, “healthy”, “locally-made”, and “artisan”. When you use Tofu Shop organic tofu products, make sure you include these words on your menu and in your sandwich and entree descriptions.

Menu Sample:

Artisan Veggie Burger 
For a healthy alternative, try this delicious, locally-made, organic tofu burger, served hot with our secret sauce on a whole grain bun with grilled mushrooms and onions, fresh lettuce, tomato and chips……..$8.95

See who else is serving Tofu Shop organic tofu products.

Ordering, Storage, and Preparation:

  • Tofu is a fresh-refrigerated, perishable food that requires refrigeration like meat and dairy products.
  • Always observe shelf-dates and rotate accordingly
  • Contact us by phone or email to order Tofu Shop organic tofu products

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